Scientology Introductory Auditing

The best way to find out what Scientology auditing can accomplish is to get some.

In mapping the route to higher states, L. Ron Hubbard developed processes which take a person from wherever he is to the next higher level of awareness. There are many processes which do exactly that for the person just beginning auditing. Introductory processes address immediate concerns of an individual and can produce remarkable changes in conditions and his attitudes toward them. That they are introductory in no way lessens their precision or their potential for giving someone insight into a part of his life. Mr. Hubbard designated these processes as particularly applicable for someone with no previous auditing. They give a person his initial auditing gains, which, because they are his first, can be among the most memorable he will ever experience.

Another type of introductory auditing is called "assist auditing." This includes techniques which help a person recover more rapidly from bruises, burns, illnesses, upsets or other mishaps. Assists can actually be done on anyone, no matter how little or how far he has progressed in Scientology. The noticeable improvement that can occur from doing an assist on a burn or bruise makes it a very appropriate introduction to auditing. Someone whose headache has been alleviated by an assist obtains an excellent reality on the workability of auditing.

After a person has received some individual auditing there is another way to continue to receive auditing gains. This is through Group Processing. Mr. Hubbard developed certain auditing processes that are delivered to large numbers of people simultaneously. These techniques are administered by a single auditor to groups gathered in rooms or halls, and provide gains to many in one session. Even Scientologists who are not currently receiving individual auditing attend Group Processing sessions. Group Processing is for everyone, from those who have only experienced a little auditing to those who have had a lot. Though simple, Group Processes sometimes produce startling results and are always enjoyable.

Life does not have to be an unhappy plight. But one would be hard pressed to find a person who has not had his share of knocks or who cannot name an aspect of life he would wish to improve. Like a man dying in a desert for want of water, the world is full of people who lead an unhappy existence for want of answers to vital questions.

Millions have found these answers on introductory services at a Scientology church or mission.