Hubbard Dianetics Seminar

Over four decades of results demonstrate beyond doubt that Dianetics works. Any person can experience the workability of Dianetics technology for himself by attending a Dianetics Seminar and getting Dianetics auditing.

Here, a person is audited on Dianetics and begins to rid himself of the barriers to his confidence, well-being and success.

The seminar begins with the viewing of a video explaining basic Dianetics principles and what happens in an auditing session. The person reads selected portions of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and is then paired up with another student to practice the auditing procedure. After only a few hours the student is familiar enough with Dianetics technology to begin auditing another person or to receive auditing himself. Students audit each other under the guidance of experienced seminar supervisors, highly trained in Dianetics auditing. Those enrolling on the seminar receive as much Dianetics auditing as they wish, and gain a firsthand understanding of its power.

Through Hubbard Dianetics Seminars, thousands and thousands of people have received Dianetics auditing and started on the road to Clear.