Success Through Communication Course

Many, many people experience difficulties in communicating. Some have trouble expressing themselves, while others feel uncomfortable in certain social situations. Still others find it difficult to initiate a conversation, while some do not know how to end one. A man cannot get a better job because he does not make an effective sales presentation. A girl cannot keep a boyfriend because she is too shy. An executive does not know how to talk to his employees and so lacks support. Communication difficulties are among the biggest problems people have in everyday living.

One of the greatest discoveries of Scientology is the delineation of the components of communication. All the gains experienced in Scientology stem in one way or another from a knowledge and application of communication. Scientologists have become known around the world as the experts on the subject of communication.

The exact technology of how to communicate effectively is taught on the Success Through Communication Course. L. Ron Hubbard developed eighteen separate communication drills to teach a student the basic elements of good communication. The student is paired up with another student and the two work together. Students read a drill and then practice it. Experienced Course Supervisors are always on hand to help with difficulties and ensure smooth progress. Each drill builds on the preceding drill, and as the student moves through these drills he makes the happy discovery that he truly has gained new communication skills. The drills teach one such social and business necessities as how to start talking to anyone, how to get one’s point across, how to listen effectively and how to end a conversation.

An ability to communicate well is highly rewarded in life as evidenced by the esteem accorded artists, entertainers, television personalities and the like. But on a more personal scale, one who can truly communicate gets the more desirable job, has the better friends, the deeper relationships and a smoother life than one who cannot communicate.